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Most of the companies which buy and implement telephone systems make use of them for a number of years and there are many reasons that can be used to justify this case. After investing a lot of money in buying the hardware and maintaining it, exchanging the whole network for a new telecommunication system might seem like more of surrendering a fortune. Nevertheless, if you are still using the old analog communication systems, switching from that legacy network to a hosted system or onenet  might be the best long term option to settle for. Apart from not buying new hardware or paying up money to maintain it, the implementation of VoIP hosted networks will largely help your business to save lots of money on distance faxes and calls.

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Can a company really benefit from the implementation of a hosted VoIP telephone system? If your telecom network experiences and of these issues, then the implantation of a VoIP system is absolutely inevitable"

Dropped Calls

Most telephone networks drop calls because of two major reasons service disruption occurring during the call and maxing of intake capacities when calls come into a network. If your company is experiencing dropped calls for any of these reasons, implementing a VoIP system would perhaps be the best decision that you will have to make. Apparently, users of VoIP report fewer dropped calls as opposed to the case of those using legacy phone networks. The providers of these services can also offer an endless number of lines so as to prevent the occurrence of any capacity problems.

There Is No Way to Use the Phone Network Remotely

In case your business has a long distance calling plan, it would not be helpful to use it when you are traveling on your business or you want to spend a day working at home. However, when you have VoIP phone network, you can make effective use of it to make calls by accessing the backbone network from your computer, smart pad or any other type of a computer terminal. During such a time when many businesses are becoming mobile, having a phone network that allows you to make calls while on the go is definitely an informed idea.

The Current Networks Are Obsolete

If you have been using the same phone network for many years now, there are high chances that it does not offer you as many features as what the new VoIP hosted network can offer. Your company might assume sole ownership of the telephone network but if it does not offer the needed capabilities, keeping it in place might be very costly this is not just in terms of money but also in terms of lack of effectiveness. Not to mention, network maintenance costs would rise exponentially. Therefore, if you want to be on the safe side, you need to implement a VoIP system today.

If you are looking for the best solution to dropped calls, and constant delays in communication over your business phone system, implementing VoIP would be the best option to settle for. Rest assured that there are a large number of benefits which you stand to gain from this system.